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 ROUND 1 - Sat 3/5  Redfield (19) - Chevalier (12) 
The game was expected to be a difficult one with temperatures of close to zero, light rain and moderate winds. What a winter welcome.

Our attack was spot-on with great intensity by the forwards. We scored early on from broken play and secured the opposition ball on several occasions. Lorenzo and Cameron led the way at the breakdown and were able to dominate for much of the half. Several great counter rucks and stealing by Matthew resulted in a break by Anthony and try number two. Anthony's kicking in play was spot-on and before the end of the half we were in for our third try with Elias breaking through their defense with ease.

We started the second half poorly but regained our stride. Towards the end of the game we allowed Chev to score twice with our defense tiring and our failure to secure the ball when we needed to.

Worth special mention was Tom's great defense and persistent tackling.

Overall it was a much better performance than the trials and it shows just what we can do.

Robert Ash (Manager)

 TRIAL - Sat 5/4  Redfield (26) - Willain Clarke College (0) 

 TRIAL - Sat 29/3  Redfield (19) - St Pius X (54) 
After a promising start with some strong defense, we held St Pius in the forwards however they had a fast back line and quickly put together 4 tries before a storming Anthony crossed their line although injuring himself in the process.

Our dominant front row of Lorenzo and Cameron put in some strong performances at times but need more fitness to keep up with the play. Unfortunately, they did not get chance to show their real strengths as St Pius had called for uncontested scrums.

We started off the second half in disappointing fashion with St Pius again dominating in the backs and unfortunately, too many runs by our players without back up and the inevitable loss of possession. Matthew was rewarded for his continuous efforts by a solo try after he had been strong at the ruck and breakdown. Paul also put in many strong runs and Dave was excellent in his full back role.

We pay a very special thanks to two St Pius players who assisted us and in fact their play was a real exhibition and demonstration of strength, support and skill that we should learn from. Their efforts were also rewarded with a try to Tim from St Pius.

Lets get to training from now on and learn from this.

Robert Ash (Manager)

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