2 0 1 4   M a t c h   R e p o r t s

 Saturday 14 June 

 U14   ROUND 6   Redfield (17) - Chevalier (0) 
The rain clouds threatened the proceedings but as the day progressed the sun came out and play commenced. The big boys from down south had arrived and were ready to play.

Our scrum, though smaller in size, packed low and even pushed them back. With improved raking we will be able to pilpher their ball when next we meet.

The game was called to a halt when William made a thundering run up the field carving a path through the opposition. He went to ground breaking his arm in the process. While we waited for the ambulance to arrive the remainer of the game was turned into a "friendly" on the junior field so that our guests could get some game time after their long trip to the Lions Den.

William is out of hospital and is waiting for you to sign his cast.

Our sympathy and prayers are with the Kazzi family, Anthony's grandmother passed away during the week.

Robert Yee (Manager)

 Saturday 31 May 

 U15   ROUND 5   Redfield (22) - Redlands (17) 
The old cliché of -- it was a game of two halves -- has never rung more true than of today's performance. We witnessed the most brilliant passages of play throughout the first half that these boys have ever produced. The attack on Redlands was relentless and coming from every direction, which was basically where we left off last week. Defence was sure footed and every boy on the field was accountable for their actions. The ball flowed through the team like a hot potato in phase after phase of play to allow Nathan, Dom M and Fitzy to all post well-earned trys. All seemed to be on track for a big win -- or so it seemed!

Maybe it was over-confidence? Fatigue from the amount of running? Only the boys will know, because that's where the wheels began to fall off. A little gap and a missed tackle allowed a Redlands try to sneak through just before half time. A reasonably safe margin of 17-5 going into the break, confident that the last couple of minutes play was a just a blip on the radar and a reminder that Redlands are second on the competition ladder and need to be shown respect for their ability.

Coaches weren't worried, they knew that the boys would have a chance to rest up for a bit and focus on playing that same style of Rugby as they had just displayed in that first half. Unfortunately, they were in the most part wrong. It would have appeared to the uninitiated that there was a totally different Redfield side on the paddock. The attack was slow, the defence was even slower. Redlands had snuck in the uncontested scrum without us realising, and we missed the trick. Coming away with only two tries being scored against us, and having the scores level with only 10 minutes to go was a place the boys didn't expect to be in. There were flashes of brilliance shining through, but not enough linking of these efforts to regain the dominance of the first half. Fortunately for us all, the boys knew they needed to dig themselves out of their predicament and finally made good use of a mistake by the opposition to regain possession at our 22m line to produce some lightning deliveries out wide to a glaring gap. The last pass from Dom Meney to Benedict was a jewel and with only fresh air between him and the line, he crossed to give us a 5 point buffer that was not to be countered in the time left.

We all know these boys are capable of producing the dominate style of play displayed in the first half consistently, and when under pressure. Well done boys! Solid work today. Top spot on the ladder remains secure.

John Bernardello (Manager)

 Saturday 24 May 

 U16   ROUND 4   Redfield (22) - Centreal Coast (21) 
We started with sloppy handling and mistakes but nevertheless had the upper hand on Grammar. Our junior recruits showed the way with more polished play leading to a runaway try by Ben M. Soon after following a great relieving kick by Dave 3/4 of the length of the field, we regained possession and through a penalty and some swift backline movements, Ben W stormed across for a try.

Then we took the foot off the pedal and fell into the old trap of unsupported one-off play. Grammar took full advantage of this and stole much of our ball to cross under the posts for their first try which was converted. There were some strong individual performances in the first half by Elias and Matthew but to no avail with the lack of support.

The second half started the same way and we allowed Grammar in for two more converted tries within the next 10 minutes and heads dropped. Finally we got the message and the men started to pull things together. Again, our U15 recruits led the way and pulled the team together. Soon Nathan was rewarded with a try under the posts and the conversion was vital in the final result by Ben. Tom continued to show great improvement and was ever present at the breakdown. After a mixed start our backs started to pour on the pressure and frustrate Grammar.

Some great counter rucking by Elias saw us recover more ball and powerful running by Jose, Matthew and Anthony pushed us close to their line in the closing minutes of the game. We took advantage of several indiscretions by Grammar and a string of penalties with some smart quick taps giving Jose the chance to dive over in the corner for our bonus-point try. Our discipline generally in the game was a highlight but our lack of concentration nearly cost us the game. Well done by the men for sticking it out but let's get to training and analyse what we did wrong.

Robert Ash (Manager)

 U15   ROUND 4   Redfield (41) - Central Coast (14) 
From the outset against our old sparing partners Central Coast Grammar, we could see that good structure and intelligent play making displayed in games past were going to be required more than ever today. In typical CCG fashion they were quick off the mark and doing a good job in slowing down the play. This in the past would have been an issue, but not with the new maturity being displayed by the boys. Look and probe, phase play, that's what rugby is all about. They boys were winning the forward's contest and asked constant questions of the CCG backline defense. With the team's ability to move to within striking distance of the line, Louis saw his opportunity to weave his way through the defenders in his trademark fashion of his, for two tries and help reward all the team for the good work being done. A neat fight back from CCG and they were now asking our defense questions, just metres from the line. The resulting converted try told our boys that they needed to not discount the desire to win of their opposition. We went into the half break with a slim 10-7 lead.

Even with such a slim lead, coaches were extremely happy with the type of rugby being displayed. Every player was accountable, the chatter was good, the set plays were being trialed and the ball was being set with purpose from the breakdown. There was an excellent platform being built for the second half assault.

Well hydrated on this warm Autumn day, the boys took hold of the ball at the kick and never really let it go. The hours invested in fitness development now assisted the boys to dominate the play and spread the ball out wide in lightning advances. Nathan read the play early and positioned himself out wide to support Dom M and complete an efficient passage of play to be rewarded with a try. At the restart CCG made the mistake of kicking straight to our strong backline which gave Louis the wind up and space he craves, allowing him to sprint the 80m and cross, which he soon backed up with his 4th and final for the day, before retiring with an injury. With confidence up and uncontested scrums requested by CCG, coaches made the unusual call for Mikey Carrington to take up a spot in the backline and see if that would spice things up a little. To that effect it certainly did! The attack on CCG was now coming from all directions—forwards, centers, backs. There was nothing that wasn't possible today. To highlight this point we saw Hamish draw in numerous defenders from the breakdown contest and confuse an already dazed opposition more than ever, even our new half back Chrissy brought out the albatross swerve to post at try from the breakdown, and even if the game wasn't already out of reach, JP Baladi had to get himself a piece of the action for the front row. A solid 41-14 win, complimented with the nice boot work of Tim Smith, sees a consolidation of the desire to be there come finals time.

Special mention this week again to Dom Byrne, who has stepped up yet another level. His display today serves as a reminder to all that if you back your ability and work hard the results will come for your team. Each team member is now starting to realise this. Great to watch!

John Bernardello (Manager)

 U14   ROUND 4   Redfield (59) - Central Coast (7) 
It doesn't get much better, a superb day. The boys carried out the many drills that they rehearsed in training and the cohesion and support play was clearly demonstrated on the field.

The forwards were able to dominate the play up the field even though they seemed to be smaller in size. Except for William who ploughed ahead on numerous occasions. The backs switched the ball around effectively and scored a mixture of long range individual tries and some very neat tries that were scored after the ball went through many hands and beautiful pop ups.

Our defense in both the backs and forwards was solid, conceding only 1 try. Tries to Toby Vieira-5, James Westbury-2, William Yu, Tom Ragell Tom Ragell was efficient as usual with 7 conversions.

Robert Yee (Manager)

 U10   ROUND 4   Redfield (5) - St Pat's (42) 
Every team has its troughs and peaks. We troughed on Saturday against a very organised St Pat's side but there were still plenty of great signs coming from the team. Jackson scored a great long range try and we almost posted another when Xavier went close in the second half, but a lack of support saw a turnover and us under the posts down the other end before we knew it.

The first half was great in that anything in the second half was going to be a big improvement and the second half didn't disappoint. We were immeasurably better. There were clean outs from Jackson, Gabs and Ben, an impressive sideline zip from Francis and great steals from James D and Xav.

We will be on song next week without a doubt. Best regards to Aria and a quick recovery, thanks again to Joseph W and James D.

A big thank you to James and Phillip for helping us out on the day.

James Burfitt (Manager)

 U9   ROUND 6   Redfield v North Rocks 
MoTM: Sam Bookallil, running into the opposition fearlessly time and time again, showing that size does not count against you if you can tackle, such an exciting player to watch!

We faced the strongest team in the competition, the North Rocks Steam Train, their kids were much bigger than ours, understood their positions well and basically were a handful on the day. When you are faced with teams like this, all you can do is limit the damage and despite their aggressive play and constant turnover of our ball, we limited the damage to 5 tries to 2. Two great tries by our team, Paddy and Nathan both showing their strength and stride!

George, Rick and Damian

 U8   ROUND 6   Redfield v North Rocks 
MoTM: Gabriel Choi, getting more and more confident as the season goes on, he had some lovely runs with the ball and if you watch him closely, he reads the game well and is always in close proximity to the ball!

We had an outstanding game, winning 25 tries to 2, great passing and teamwork and some incredible runs to score by our speedy backline. Tries to Andrew, Xavier (5), Tommy B (6), Matthew (3), Sebastian (7), Thmoas A (2) and Aidan. Our confidence as a team is growing!

George, Rick and Damian

 Saturday 17 May 

 U16   ROUND 3   Redfield (26) - St Andrews (7) 
A game of two excitingly different halves. In the first half we matched St Andrews numbers with them having only 13 players. This meant some of our men played in different positions, like Matt in the centers. St Andrews had a fast backline and this caught us by surprise with their fast centre scoring early in the game. But we soon adjusted and were able to keep the play in the forwards and put on four good tries before half time. This included some well worked backline moves with great backing up by Tom who improves every game. Matt continued his strong tackling performance and was responsible for keeping their centre in check.

The second half St Andrews were reduced to 11 players so the score for the game was fixed and we agreed to play some very entertaining 10-a-side rugby. Both teams played in great spirit and the next 20 minutes saw great running rugby with both teams scoring 4 tries each, including one to birthday boy Matt. A good opportunity for on field training and the time was well worth it.

Robert Ash (Manager)

 U15   ROUND 3   Redfield (33) - St Andrews (10) 
The welcoming atmosphere of our first home game for the season was like a well earned holiday after the two long haul weeks previously. The warm up was a little unsettled with our team missing Mikey Carrington for the first time in a while due to an unfortunate lunchtime tackle gone wrong. That, combined with a few other missing players, and we had a mini dilemma on our hands. Who would hook and who would slot into the second row? Fortunately talent abounds in this squad allowing Adam and Scott to move their chess pieces around the paddock and borrow a few back ups from the U14s to still present a full strength side for the opposition to deal with.

At the kick it was a case of pay attention to how the opposition were trying to play and disrupt the flow of their game to best advantage our style. This unfortunately can lead to the opposition gaining the upper hand early on, which proved to be the case this time, with an early lapse in concentration leading to a confusing penalty being awarded, thus allowing a soft try to be allowed through. A quick regroup and the new tactics for the game were spread around the team. This resulted in a dominant display for the remainder of the half, with a talented SAC team not being given the chance to retain possession of the ball. Three trys and three conversions later to the sure boot of Tim Smith and we were 21-5 at the half time break.

With a new look team and a weary U14s Matty Moore handing over to debutant Dom Byrne at the hookers position, we knew that the next session of play was going to be a real test of the boys' adaptability. Early on it looked a little disorganised, but that's to be expected. A few missed tackles and the concession of a try, also acceptable in the scheme of things, but once the boys found their rhythm again, it was a forwards and backs blitz that lead to Louis running away for his second and Fitzy in for his third of the match. Bonus point in the bag and the SAC boys being well controlled and held away from the line. It was celebrations on a solid 33-10 win in difficult circumstances.

Special mention to Ben Manche and George Hanna who played a full game out on the wings. WOW, for a couple of guys who haven't played the game before this year, all I can think of is with that kind of speed and aggression, I think the forwards better lift their game because other teams are not going to want to venture out there looking for space and will therefore look for yards up the middle to get away from these two. Watch out Mikey Carrington, Dom Byrne hooked like a pro in that second half and has now further strengthened a formidable team and added another notch to his bow. Thank you also must go to Matthew Moore and Toby Viera who backed up from a rough and tumble U14s match to help give us at least two on the bench and contributed to this solid win. Stand outs today were Fitzy, Nathan, Tom Dineen, Hamish and Jerome who dug a little deeper than most, although every player was needed equally to complete today's task. Some of today's rolling play was the best ever produced by these boys and is surely a sign of good things to come.

John Bernardello (Manager)

 U14   ROUND 3   Redfield (33) - St Andrews (14) 
College Day - Home game at the Lions Den! There was no better time to face the team that beat us in last year's Grand Final.

From the start it seemed that they had Toby in their sights to shut him down whenever he got the ball. Unfortunately for them he broke through to score three tries. William Yu and Andrew Moore had fantastic games and were rightly rewarded with a try each. They showed shear power as they both drove up field.

Tom Ragell and James Westbury had two conversions a piece.

Great team work boys, a joy to watch. Lets hit Central Coast with great tenacity next week.

Robert Yee (Manager)

 U12   ROUND 3   Redfield (22) - Trinity (5) 
Again we came up against a solid opposition. The midfield possession was eenly contested. In the first half some strong running from James Rahme and Mike Denahy led to good territorial gains. We were able to capitalise with close range tries to Kurtis and Joey, both scoring through strong bustling runs.

The second half saw a bit more open running from both teams but again, Redfield proved their dominance by scoring two tries to one in this period. James Rahme carved the Trinity defence into ribbons and was unlucky not to score. The boys did not have all the possession but their tackling was outstanding. A good game and a good redult. Well done.

John Neville (Manager)

 U11   ROUND 3   Redfield (26) - Tudor House (40) 
No report submitted.

 U10   ROUND 3   Redfield (32) - Sydney Grammar, Edgecliff (30) 
The U10s enjoyed the sweet sensation of victory for the first time this year in our IPSHA competition against a worthy opponent in Sydney Grammar, Edgecliffe. Jackson Evans and Gabriel Burfitt shared the honours of men-of-the-match: one for his barnstorming charges and fabulous runaway tries, the other for a non-stop defensive effort that shut down multiple attacks. The difficulty with the MOTM award is that the recognition is so limited and maybe the boy who proposed that the whole team deserved the award on Saturday was right!

In many ways the match was a typical U10s affair and we were two tries down before we realised we were playing. It could easily have been three but for a clever turnover and a fabulous run by Jackson to dot down under the post at the other end. This spurred us on and from then on we were making tackles, contesting and rucking intelligently and we began to get our hands on the ball and allow our attack to do its work. It was fabulous to see James Younes flying down the left wing in the second half, to see Jono and Jack Williams, ably abetted by Ben, doing the hard work in tight, and to see Aria and Tommy chasing everything for all they were worth. Xavier Wall's great game was topped off by his final try which came on the back of brilliant team work.

A big thank you to James and Phillip for helping us out on the day.

James Burfitt (Manager)

 Saturday 10 May 

 U16   ROUND 2   Redfield (12) - All Saints (29) 
Although we started the first half with a lack of general structure we soon showed our dominance in the scrums and in the rucks and mauls. With a good back line movement Nathan ran over for the first try. Further strong attacking moves resulted in another try by Anthony which Ben converted. We withstood some good kicking and attacking by All Saints and we successfully held them out till half time. Finbar involved himself well in same promising moves and Conor dominated the first half scrums. For 20 minutes of the 25 minute half, All Saints did not have possession in our helf.

But the second half started poorly and due to a massive penalty count (in the order of 20 to 2), our men became disheartened and confused to say the least. We fell off tackles thinking we could do no right and by the end of the game, All Saints had put on 5 unanswered tries. Most as a result of a string of penalties. Clearly we need to be better prepared for this type of refereeing.

Next game at home and later the re match with All Saints at Redfield should be a different story.

Robert Ash (Manager)

 U15   ROUND 2   Redfield (39) - All Saints (21) 
Today's match against an in-form looking All Saints was an absolute joy to watch on a number of fronts. It had all the good solid ground work that our forwards have been working on over the past few matches, coming together, as well as good gritty determination and commitment to tackles that we have come to expect. Drifting off the opposition player was almost non existent and every player on the team set that ball back securely and with purpose when tackled.

All Saints were no push over, they displayed some nice ball movement skills which brought them three converted tries for the match. A point of difference that did become evident was the ability of our boys to identify and adapt to the style of play being presented, and then disrupt that style by forcing the ball into identified weaker zones of the field, forcing the opposition to play our preferred style of rugby.

Each week we see a few stand out players really lift the entire teams spirits - which makes man of the match points very easy to decide. This week however, it was far more difficult. Work done by the forwards followed by slick hands at the half and inside back positions allowed the ever present duo of Louis and Dom to score three trys a-piece. Throw into that, one for our Captain Mikey Carrington, and we had a full time score of 39 to 21.

An absolute bone crunching hit by Dom Meney midway through the first half meant that all of the opposition in his range became fairly weary of what would happen to them if they weren’t able to offload or evade before he arrived at speed. Same applies to Nathan Limbers, who had defense firmly implanted in his mindset and saved and assisted in saving numerous advances. As mentioned before, with such a well organised and fast thinking team today, any opposition would have found it extremely difficult to beat them. Congratulations to Benedict Manche for taking part in his first ISA Rugby match, it was a pleasure to watch you gather in some difficult ball and keep so composed whilst making valuable metres and assisting your team to this victory.

John Bernardello (Manager)

 U14   ROUND 2   Redfield (93) - All Saints (15) 
The opposition forwards were tall and looked fit but from the kick off. William and Jake showed them that the team had turned up and were ready for business. All the forwards joined in the fray and to a man demonstrated their commitment to the breakdown. They hunted as a pack, which was a delight to watch.

The backs finished off the plays with style with great running and backed each other up at times with the ball going through a number of hands before scoring. The opposition did not give up even though the score board was reaching The Don's career average!

Credit goes to the boys for not taking their foot off the accelerator all the way to the end of the game. They won with skill and good grace.

Robert Yee (Manager)

 U12   ROUND 2   Redfield (27) - Coogee (10) 
The U12s played a very entertaining brand of open running rugby. Tom Meney, Joey Gaitau & Kurtis Lagudi made punishing incursions into the Coogee defence. Out wide Jono Mackenzie, Josh Wijangco, Ethan Cali and Francis Burfitt made long range raids into the opposition territory. In defence the team was solid.

We loaned Coogee 4 players in each half and these boys performed well in their positions. It was a good team effort and a thoroughly enjoyable game to watch.

John Neville (Manager)

 U11   ROUND 2   Redfield (0) - Sydney Grammar (69) 
No report submitted.

 U10   ROUND 2   Redfield (7) - Sydney Grammar (45) 
Grammar were eager and hungry for ball from the start, starting strongly from the whistle. The opposition had a few tries up on Redfield before our boys switched on. Encouragingly, the boys showed great grit and came back hard in the second half. James was Captain for our match and ably led our boys out onto the paddock and showed great sportsmanship.

There are plenty of positive signs for the future. There was some great tackling and hard running that led to our first try of the competition season. A highlight was our first contested scrum a win against the feed. Joseph was busy around the scrum and breakdown. His defence continues to be a bedrock feature of the team. He saved certain tries in the corner. Xavier had some great bursts and strong tackles when it mattered. Having missed Francis last week, we were happy to have him back running fast out wide.

Jackson had some great runs and was kicking high and deep at the restart putting Grammar under pressure. His hard running was rewarded with a great try. Aria was consistent tackling strong and hard. Gabriel was dogged in defence continuing to pressure. Tommy had some good strong runs and kept up the pressure.

Roen continues to show us all he will be a great rugby player, improving with his tackling. Our front rowers Jack, Ben and Johno played a tough and strong game. Johno was relentless in defence, always committing at the breakdown. Ben had great strong runs up the middle always calling for the ball as first receiver. Jack gave good service carrying ball and tackled hard throughout.

James Burfitt (Coach)

 Saturday 3 May 

 U16   ROUND 1   Redfield (19) - Chevalier (12) 
The game was expected to be a difficult one with temperatures of close to zero, light rain and moderate winds. What a winter welcome.

Our attack was spot-on with great intensity by the forwards. We scored early on from broken play and secured the opposition ball on several occasions. Lorenzo and Cameron led the way at the breakdown and were able to dominate for much of the half. Several great counter rucks and stealing by Matthew resulted in a break by Anthony and try number two. Anthony's kicking in play was spot-on and before the end of the half we were in for our third try with Elias breaking through their defense with ease.

We started the second half poorly but regained our stride. Towards the end of the game we allowed Chev to score twice with our defense tiring and our failure to secure the ball when we needed to.

Worth special mention was Tom's great defense and persistent tackling.

Overall it was a much better performance than the trials and it shows just what we can do.

Robert Ash (Manager)

 U15   ROUND 1   Redfield (25) - Chevalier (10) 
An Arctic blast in early May? This is not what we expected to get ourselves off to the official season opener! Nervous jitters were out-weighed by the need to keep warm, in a chilly 6 degrees C with wind and rain drops that felt like needles. The boys looked determined to keep their strong form from seasons past intact.

Right from the kick-off we could see that good structure and discipline were still in abundance, although fell foul of the opposition’s desire for us to play a forward's contest in the initial periods. This saw the boys concede the first try of the season to a determined Chev forward pack. From this wake up call, we soon worked out that they needed to test the entire Chev team and see if there were weaknesses to be found. Sure enough, quick hands from a stand out Chrissy at his new half back position, along with excellent ball movement from the backline, marched the ball forward time after time to allow Fitzy to muscle over for two well-deserved consecutive trys, followed by a consistent performer JP Baladi. Strong, reliable defence, coupled with a trusty backline making ground was the key to our 15-5 lead at half time.

Even with all the running around we were doing, that biting cold was still evident in their faces. Slippery conditions and a number of dropped balls due to frozen fingers meant that positional play was going to be key in the second half. The mighty boot of Tim Smith was going to have to rev up and keep our boys in Chev's territory. Pleasingly that's just what Tim did. Multiple boots out of the danger zone followed by fast backline support, pressured the Chev backs into making mistakes which were soon capitalised on by phase after phase of clean ball and an unselfish Tim delivering a perfectly weighted short pass to the expertly positioned Nathan, who saw what was evolving early in the phases and hung back just enough to be ready in support for both attack and defense, he crossed to increase the buffer and secure the bonus point.

Not to be outdone, Chev soon exploited the missed tackles and penalties presented to them to remind our boys that they always need to be accountable for their opposite number and commit to making solid, effective tackles every time. Dom Meney displayed this accountability in defense. Waiting patiently on the wing and trusting his teammates to do their job and not allowing himself to be drawn into the oppositions tactics. An example to all.

With full-time closing in, the boys kept the hammer down and from a sea of bodies over the Chev line emerged a jubilant JP Baladi, grounding the ball for a second time in the match. With no kicks forthcoming today, it is something that will need to be focused on moving forward. Special mention to the lonely figure of Tommy Del, who sat way back at fullback all match without complaining, even though we could see him shivering, only to see him wipe out any opposition who happened to make it within his range. Thank you Tommy. Well done to George Hanna, who played all of the second half and did a great job in tough conditions, this being his first official game with the mighty Redfield Lions. Well done boys, an excellent start!

John Bernardello (Manager)

 U14   ROUND 1   Redfield (21) - Chevalier (17) 
It was an early start for the team and their families with the temperature dropping the further south we went.

Chevs were as expected, a big bunch of boys who are all well trained and run it up the middle with their forwards. We held up to the assault and with ball in hand and with an extra metre of distance from the ruck our backs set about scoring. Two tries to Toby and one to Tom Ragell who was also successful converting the 3 tries.

Chevs came back strongly towards the end of the game with two tries in the second half. Our boys showed maturity in keeping to the task of defending to the finish. Great start to the season.

Next week is at Bathurst so make sure you have extra warm clothes.

Robert Yee (Manager)

 U12   ROUND 1   Redfield (0) - Sydney Grammar (7) 
The u12s played a keenly contested match against Grammer. Both teams were evenly matched with play concentrated between the two 20m lines. Grammer scored early in the match and despite some close calls from both teams, that remained the only score. Mike Denahy made some fearsome charges in attack and defence, Ethan Cali was a terrier in cover defence and made some good stepping runs. John Neville worked tirelessly in defence. Some good attacking raids were undone by poor passing or desperate defence by Grammer. We have a few areas to work on but it was a very entertaining game. Well done boys.

John Neville (Manager)

 U11   ROUND 1   Redfield (7) - Sydney Grammar (15) 
No report submitted.

 U10   ROUND 1   Redfield (0) - Coogee (45) 
The U10s came crashing back to reality on Saturday as we struggled to meet the high bar set by Coogee. Hard running and a hunger for the ball by the Coogee boys meant that we were going to have plenty of tackling practice.

The good news was that some of our tackling was absolutely top shelf. Joseph Williams, Paddy Sarks and Ben Vala were stand outs with some wonderful efforts in the first half. By the final whistle each boy had done more than his fair share of great tackles.

We saw some great promise in Jack Williams hard straight running, and some evasive, sharp attack from Jackson. Tommy Sarks, Aria and Gabriel did not stop all day and Tommy Burfitt showed a clean set of heels to get the momentum going our way on more than one occasion. Roen was always there during this, his first game of rugby. Our man of the match was Xavier Wall who was not only everywhere but always asking questions of the defence when he had ball in hand.

We will be better for this hit out and the team effort to keep going when the match had slipped away was a boost for all there to support.

James Burfitt (Coach)

 Saturday 5 April 

 U16   TRIAL   Redfield (19) - Waverley Bs (15) 
Thanks to two players provided by Waverly while we waited for support from the 15s, we were able to get underway on time. We made a promising start with some good clean outs by Matt and Bosco and we pressured their line for the first 15 minutes, enabling Dave to score from a swift backline move and Anthony to barge across in customary form.

We then had to hold out a promising attack by Waverly and a great tackle by Ben foiled a certain try. Matt and Bosco continued with their attacking efforts and Elias was able to charge over for our third try shortly after half time. Ben successfully converted 2 from 3.

Our defense started to tire and from a good lineout move, Waverly scored. It was a good tussle back and forth for about ten minutes until some poor defense saw Waverly cross again. As the game came to a close we held out several phases by Waverly but weakened in the end to let them score again.

We made clear improvements from the previous game and all players put in that extra effort. Thanks to the intrepid 15s who helped us mainly in the second half.

Robert Ash (Manager)

 Saturday 29 March 

 U16   TRIAL   Redfield (19) - St Pius X (54) 
After a promising start with some strong defense, we held St Pius in the forwards however they had a fast back line and quickly put together 4 tries before a storming Anthony crossed their line although injuring himself in the process.

Our dominant front row of Lorenzo and Cameron put in some strong performances at times but need more fitness to keep up with the play. Unfortunately, they did not get chance to show their real strengths as St Pius had called for uncontested scrums.

We started off the second half in disappointing fashion with St Pius again dominating in the backs and unfortunately, too many runs by our players without back up and the inevitable loss of possession. Matthew was rewarded for his continuous efforts by a solo try after he had been strong at the ruck and breakdown. Paul also put in many strong runs and Dave was excellent in his full back role.

We pay a very special thanks to two St Pius players who assisted us and in fact their play was a real exhibition and demonstration of strength, support and skill that we should learn from. Their efforts were also rewarded with a try to Tim from St Pius.

Lets get to training from now on and learn from this.

Robert Ash (Manager)


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