R e d f i e l d   r u g b y   s t a t e m e n t   o f   i n t e n t
This statement of intent (the Statement) by the Redfield Lions Rugby Club (the Rugby club) uses elements of Redfield College’s (the College) Privacy Policy regarding how it uses and manages personal information. It is not intended to be a legal document or statement, but merely expresses the Rugby club's intention regarding information it collects on you and your children.

The Rugby club acknowledges that it is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

From time to time, changes made to the College's Provacy Policy may result in changes to this Statement. Some elements of this Statement may not be reflected in te College's Privacy Policy.

What kind of personal information does the Rugby club collect and how is it collected?

The type of information the Rugby club collects and holds includes:
  • personal information provided by you on the Rugby club's registration form
  • personal information provided by you at other times
  • photographs and videos of games and Rugby club events

How will the Rugby club use the information it collects?

General: The information collected will be used for purposes that:
  • facilitate the propoer registration of your child and associated fees
  • facilitate the payment of necessary fees relating to your child's registration
  • provide relevant injury insurance cover for your child
  • keeps parents and players informed about matters relating to their rugby commitments through emails, text messages and the Redfield Rugby web site (the Web site)
  • general administrative requirements of the Rugby club

Volunteers: The Rugby club may obtain personal information about volunteers who assist with the Rugby club's functions or associated activities, such as the Old Boys’ Association, and does so to enable the Rugby club and the volunteers to work together.

Marketing and fundraising: The Rugby club may, from time to time, engage in fund-raising activities and may seek donations for the future growth and development of the Rugby club. Personal information held by the Rugby club may be disclosed to an organisation that assists in the fundraising, for example, the Old Boys’ organisation. Parents, College staff and other members of the wider College community may, from time to time, receive fundraising information. The Web site may be used for marketing and fund-raising purposes.

Photographs and video: The Rugby club recognises that parents may be concerned about the colelction and use of photographs and/or videos of their child. In view of this, the Rugby club will only publish photographs and videos which are low quality. Essentially, the Rugby club believes that low quality media present little or no risk of criminal misuse. That said, upon specific request from a parent/guardian, the Rugby club will either:
  • remove all forms of media which contain your son, or
  • render your son unrecognisable through digital manipulation (eg. apply pixelation or blurring to the face)


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